About Conventus

At the end of the day, I feel snug as a bug in a rug, in Jena and Thuringia.

Rajko Görls

I was 21 years old when Conventus was founded in spring 2000, and I have been active as Managing Director since 2002, after I graduated in business administration.

These were and still are exciting times. Both family-wise (I am now a father of four) and company-wise (in 2002 we were 10 employees, today we are 150) there is never a dull moment. Today, I see it as my greatest privilege to be together with my extended family "Conventus" every day, that the job is constantly full of excitement, that the clients and specialist areas always open up new worlds in terms of content, and that we also get to know almost half the world geographically.

Rajko Görls
Managing Director

The more difficult the task, the more exciting the solution!

Michaela J. Görls

By doing good work, supporting non-profit societies and conference management in terms of content, relieving the strain on time and contributing to their success, if this is recognised and, at best, of course, also rewarded financially, I am happy!

About 25 years ago, as an event manager and marketing director of a 5Star conference hotel, I became enthusiastic about the network of science and industry, and in particular about event and congress organisation.

In 1998 I turned this experience into the conception of a congress agency. In 2000, our agency "Conventus Congressmanagement & Marketing GmbH" was launched, and today we have around150 employees.

We have taken friends along on this exciting journey, with our enthusiasm we have infected many lateral and also many newcomers to the family with the congress virus.    

I am grateful and happy.

Michaela J. Görls
Managing Director

Since our company was founded in 2000, we have registered more than half a million participants - that would be all of Atlanta or Liverpool, for example.

Our conferences have taken place in 33 countries worldwide and we have welcomed participants from 201 different countries.

Our participants, speakers and exhibitors were able to find out about the conferences in more than 30,000 print media.

By February 2021, we have successfully held 2,096 conferences, present and also digital.

Between June 2020 and February 2021, Conventus organised 183 digital conferences with a total of 1,716 sessions, 3.563 hours of streaming, 17.153 uploaded presentations and more than 56.672 participants.

Conventus hat sich der Initiative „Weltoffenes Thüringen“ angeschlossen.

FÜR ein tolerantes und vielfältiges Thüringen, FÜR die Achtung der Menschenwürde und unteilbare Menschenrechte, FÜR ein friedliches und tolerantes Zusammenleben und FÜR ein respektvolles Miteinander! Gemeinsam GEGEN Ausgrenzung und Hass!