IT Services

Our development team is closely involved in all congress organisation processes. In doing so, we create new standards and developments for all our congresses. Of course, we also implement individual features.

Programme planner
and management

Plan your programme yourself or let us implement your ideas. From abstract import to the upload centre to the livestream - everything in one network.

  • Modern views, drag & drop, filter options and proven queries support programme creation
  • The programme forms the basis for various systems in the implementation network
  • Versioning and backup ensure data security


Do you have your own courses that are measured by learner success? You want to issue certificates based on learning success? You want to make knowledge available 24/7? You just want to ensure a common level of knowledge before your precious event starts?

  • Forms and advanced evaluations for smaller querie
  • IliasĀ® for the big demand  
  • We advise, develop and implement your eLearning

Presentation software for
lectures and ePosters

How do you get the right presentation to the right place at the right time? Certainly no problem with 10 lectures, but how does it work with 1,000 or more lectures?

  • Own software for media transmissions and lecture handling
  • Merging of Upload Centre and local lecture reception  
  • Customisable views in the lecture room  
  • Optional and switchable countdown and insertion of the speaker's name

Website creation

We create your website! Individual, secure and fast. With well over 1,000 websites constructed and approx. 200 websites per year administrated, we have built up a great treasure trove: Experience.

  • TYPO3 as a multi-domain system
  • Proven editor system for content up-to-date within max. 1 working day - guaranteed!
  • In-house web designers and developers
  • Numerous tried and tested features and plug-ins
  • External data protection officer

App services

Do you need an app for your event or your association? We'll be happy to programme it for you or act as an intermediary!

  • Responsive design of our websites
  • Web app and hybrid app
  • Native apps via partners
  • Benefit from experience gained from over 1,000 deployments