Digital and hybrid

In June 2020, we successfully implemented the first digital congresses using our own platform, with our own direction, preview meetings, helpdesk and editors, upload centre, text and video chat function, on-demand function, streaming, 3D and 2D industry exhibitions, etc. The first congress had 1,000, the second 5,000 participants - significantly more than expected in present implementation! In the meantime, the digital realisation of our regular clients' congresses has become just as much a natural realisation for other PCOs, societies, institutions and companies.

We now have our own greenscreen studio, giving our participants, moderators and speakers another chunk of life in the digital world. We are also in extensive preparations for the future use of affordable hybrid elements.

In the following, we are happy to give you an insight into the digital congress - made by Conventus.

Curious? Please feel free to take a look at the following focal points for further information:

conference platform

DigiCon is your digital venue - and to put it in a nutshell: We offer you all full-service aspects and services of a presence event also "in virtual space". Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of presence events, we can offer you a service package that is adapted to one another and forms an integral solution (consisting primarily of in-house programmed and supported services).

Accordingly, we will be happy to advise and support you in advance in your considerations and planning of a digital or hybrid event. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

  • Setting up a (possible bilingual) password-protected digital congress website (incl. hosting and a data protection concept)
  • Registration, handling of participants and sending individual access data
  • Live support at any time via chat, e-mail, telephone, video call (technical support for registration, log-in, programme, industry, etc.)
  • Speaker management and support
  • Integration of the scientific programme (from abstract submission to presentation upload to online presentation)
  • “My Agenda“ function
  • On-demand function
  • Virtual industry exhibition or company presentation
  • Virtual exhibition stands, individually configurable according to the needs of the exhibiting company
  • Certification handling according to specifications of the LÄK, EACCME and/or other certification bodies (incl. follow-up, such as delivery of data to the organiser and/or the relevant certification body)
  • Offer of individual or group chats (participant lounge)
  • Possibility for surveys, votes and evaluations live or in follow-up
  • Statistical evaluation of user behaviour (click statistics)

Upload centre

In our virtual presentation acceptance - the upload centre - you can conveniently submit your presentations from home or on site.

  • Intuitive workflow for presentation upload, i.e.
    • Instructional videos support speakers in recording the presentation(s)
    • Step-by-step guidance of speakers through notes
    • Communication, briefing and live support
    • Various rights queries (patient data, rights of use, contacting participants with questions) per file
  • Quality control of pre-recorded presentations
  • Completeness check
  • Electronic and telephone reminders
  • Structured storage of the lecture files for "live operation" during hall support
  • Sponsorship option

On-demand function

In the media library (on-demand function), your participants can also view the lectures after the congress at any time and from any location.


  • Time of publication freely selectable

  • Recording and editing of contributions and sessions

  • Retrievable for at least 4 weeks or, on request and by agreement, even longer

Livestream and direction


  • Integration of globally broadcast livestreams possible  

  • Many options for the design of the livestream

  • Exclusive use by registered participant

  • Integrated question tool in the stream for live discussion/Q&A

  • Production of the livestream via pre-recorded and/or live contributions - and/or live discussion

  • Separate question/discussion rounds can be mapped in live video conference or separate chat room



  • Live support for speakers via "digital auditorium technicians" and helpdesk chat

  • Preview meeting with moderators and speakers (prior to the actual session)

  • Briefing of all participants and handling of the session schedule

  • Clarification of content/technical questions

  • Live "backstage" video conference with moderators and speakers

  • Handling of participant questions and the forwarding to moderators

Digitale poster presentation

Complementary to our onsite solution, there are various implementation variants that correspond to the usual procedures of the past years. Hybrid variants complement the portfolio. 


  • Classic formats and/or videos 

  • Poster walks or presentation 

  • Own software solution as well as hardware

  • Terminals with 60-inch monitors and touch function incl. own audio system