Conventus works operates sustainable in the sense of the environment, employee motivation, and customer satisfaction, to be able to conduct our congresses at a consistently high level.

Nowadays the concept of sustainable development is used in many life and working environments: While environmental sustainability postulates a conscientious and careful use of nature and its preservation for future generations, the economic sustainability essentially deals with the protection against the exploitation of economic resources. A third aspect of sustainability focuses on social aspects, with the objective to shape a sustainable and liveable social structure for all.

All three aspects lead to quality implementation, which in turn influence the process quality and thus reflects the quality of a company as a whole. Aware of this idea, sustainability has become, for Conventus, an integral part of our business since early 2004.

Selected examples

  • Trend towards a paperless office
  • Meetings held preferably online
  • Travel with CO2 – free train tickets
  • Preference given to local service providers
  • Procurement of consumer goods using quality seals
  • Work within “Green Meeting Guidelines”
  • Resource optimisation across the entire supply chain of the company or project
  • Supporting social projects