Who’s behind Conventus

Unrivalled is the personal contact.

Experience knowledgeable and practical support from a team of dedicated employees with multilingual language competence. Each event has its own designated project manager, answerable for each and all communication. Benefit from the experience of those employees who are answerable for coordinating tasks and scheduling processes between clients and the congress agency.

Executive Board
Michaela Görls+49 3641 3116-100Send Mail
Rajko Görls+49 3641 3116-101Send Mail
Sales and Project Development
Franziska Srp-Cappello+49 3641 3116-400Send Mail
Katrin Liebing+49 3641 3116-140Send Mail
Jutta Vach+49 3641 3116-365Send Mail
Senior Project Manager
Jana Görls+49 3641 3116-345Send Mail
Jana Radoi+49 3641 3116-346Send Mail
Martin Singer+49 3641 3116-310Send Mail
Justus Appelt+49 3641 3116-311Send Mail
Registration & Abstracts
Mandy Wagner+49 3641 3116-160Send Mail
Technology & Software
Heiner Görls+49 3641 3116-200Send Mail