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Latest developments in neurorehabilitation – up-to-date treatment concepts, pharmacology and technology

Lausanne. The most important conference in terms of neurorehabilitation in Europe takes place in Lausanne, Switzerland from 25 October until 28 October 2017. With many recent developments in this field, the 4th European Congress of NeuroRehabilitation (ECNR) offers medical staff and scientists from all over the world an international forum of interdisciplinary research and clinical cooperation. The congress focusses on new treatment options, pharmacology and technology, and international experts from Europe and from overseas are going to discuss manifold aspects of neurorehabilitation, the latest possibilities of treatment as well as up-to-date results of clinical and experimental studies.


“The advanced findings regarding the latest treatment options require a more and more interdisciplinary clinical cooperation in order to further improve the results in neurorehabilitation for patients,” the congress president Leopold Saltuari, State Hospital Hochzirl, Austria, and the programme chair Volker Hömberg, SRH Health Centre Bad Wimpfen, Germany, stress. “The congress focusses on the interdisciplinary exchange, the discussion of the latest scientific findings by experienced and young scientists from all over the world, and the establishment of translational networks for scientists and clinicians.”

The chair of the local organisor committe underlines: “ To organise this international neurorehabilitation congress in the Convention Center of EPFL  (Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) is an important opportunity for the Department of Clinical Neurosciences of the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) as the EPFL is our main partner of the research of the acute and post-acute  Neurorehabilitation units of the CHUV, a symbol of the vision and progress of this domain.” A special appreciation goes to Dr. Karin Diserens , Director of the Department of Clinical Neurosciences at CHUV, who accompanied the preparation of the congress with great commitment.


This year’s programme offers manifold new findings from the core areas acute and post-acute neurorehabilitation, neuropharmacology and biomarkers as well as neurotechnologies. Experts from all over the world are going to discuss how stroke rehabilitation should be organised according to the latest neuroscientific findings. Which role do compensation-oriented approaches play? Have there been improvements of cognitive training strategies? Which new possibilities do high tech applications, such as an intelligent training equipment, robots or virtual realities, offer? Also in neurobiology and neuropharmacology, new approaches are in sight, e.g. newly developed drugs and specific nutritional aspects concerning neurorehabilitation.


All of the information as well as the entire scientific programme can be accessed at www.ecnr-congress.org.