Scientific Programme • Tuesday, 27 September 2011

0900–1000 Forensic Medicine I
Festsaal 1  
Chairs H. Maeda (Osaka/JP), K. Püschel (Hamburg/DE)
O 2
Coordination of forensic autopsy laboratory system to visualize the pathophysiology of death – updated concept and routine casework
  H. Maeda (Osaka/JP)
O 3
Sudden unexpected death in the early newborn period – An underestimated problem?
  J.-P. Sperhake, C. Hoffend (Hamburg/DE)
O 4
Accidental mechanical asphyxia at infant age – documentation maintained by German Forensic Institutes for the years 2000-2008
  K. Trübner, F. Meyer, T. Bajanowski (Essen/DE)
0900–1000 Forensic Genetics I
Room 1.811  
Chairs S.-I. Kubo (Fukuoka/JP), P. Wiegand (Ulm/DE)
O 5
Investigation of amphetamines induced rhabdomyolysis and its genetic background
  S.-I. Kubo (Fukuoka/JP)
0930 Variability of mitochondrial DNA mutagenesis in human blood – a pilot study
O 6 T. Schwark, I. Jelkmann, H.-D. Bruhn, N. von Wurmb-Schwark (Kiel/DE)
O 7
Future prospects in crime scene investigation – SNP analyses for (meta) population differentiation in trace DNA
  M. Poetsch, R. Blöhm (Essen/DE), M. Harder, A. Caliebe, N. von Wurmb-Schwark (Kiel/DE)
1000–1030 Coffee Break
1030–1210 Forensic Medicine II
Festsaal 1  
Chairs T. Kondo (Wakayama/JP), M. Tsokos (Berlin/DE)
1030 Differences in infant and child mortality in 7 counties in Northrhine-Westfalia
O 8 N. Shmuilovich, H. Pfeiffer, M. Vennemann (Münster/DE)
1045 Pregnancy-related deaths in forensic autopsy cases
O 9 C.G. Birngruber, M. Riße, M.A. Verhoff, R. Dettmeyer (Gießen/DE)
1100 Cardiac injuries of car drivers due to traffic accidents
O 10 K. Törö, G. Dunay, A. Nemeskéri (Budapest/HU)
1115 Fracture of both superior horns of the thyroid cartilage due to accidental fall
O 11 F. Ghebremeskel, M.A. Verhoff (Gießen/DE), F. Ramsthaler (Homburg, Saar/DE) C.G. Birngruber (Gießen/DE)
1130 Legal implications of decubitus as indicator for the quality of nursing care
O 12 J. Lachnitt, A. Buchter, K. Püschel (Hamburg/DE)
1145 Deaths due to physical restraints in nursing care
O 13 W. Keil, J. Schöpfer (Munich/DE), A. Berzlanovich (Vienna/AT)
1030–1200 Forensic Genetics II
Room 1.811  
Chairs Y. Koda (Kurume/JP), E. Tutsch-Bauer (Salzburg/AT)
O 14
I. Persistence of biological traces in gun barrels – an approach to an experimental model
  C. Courts, C. Schyma, B. Madea (Bonn/DE)
O 15
II. Persistence of biological traces in gun barrels – analysis after suicidal shots and subsequent firing
  C. Schyma, C. Courts, B. Madea (Bonn/DE)
O 16
DNASF – a statistical package to analyze the distribution and polymorphism of STR loci in a heterogeneous population
  N. Akram, S. Farooqi (Karachi/PK)
O 17
Microfluidics meet forensics – screening assay for common European animal families
  U. Schmidt, J. Naue, M. Focke, M. Keller, D. Mark, S. Meißner, K. Pietsch N. Schlauderer, G. Segelbacher, F. von Stetten, S. Lutz-Bonengel (Freiburg i.Br./DE)
O 18
Genetic variability and off-ladder allele of 15 autosomal STR-loci of Powerplex 16 system in the Yunnan Han population of China
  C.-J. Xiang, J. Gao, B. Xu (Kunming/CN)
1145 Discussion
Room 1.812
Lunch Workshop: Toxicologial Screening and Confirmation using LC/QTOF high resolution mass spectrometry - Concepts and Achievements
  Agilent Technologies Sales + Services GmbH & Co. KG
P 1–10 Poster Session 1 • Forensic Genetics
P 11–25 Poster Session 2 • New Techniques in Forensic Science
P 26–40 Poster Session 3 • Malpractice
P 41–55 Poster Session 4 • Molecular Pathology
P 56–71 Poster Session 5 • Toxicology
1430-1530 Forensic Medicine III – Molecular Pathology
Festsaal 1  
Chairs K. Ikematsu (Nagasaki/JP), M. Klintschar (Hanover/DE)
O 19
Sudden death in type II Diabetes mellitus – a possible role of nodal apoptosis
  C. Curca, M. Rusu, D. Dermengiu (Bucharest/RO), A.M. Jianu (Timisoara/RO) D.E. Gutu, S. Hostiuc (Bucharest/RO)
O 20
Molecular pathology of posttraumatic pulmonary edema in forensic autopsy
  Q. Wang, T. Ishikawa, T. Michiue (Osaka/JP), B.-L. Zhu (Osaka/JP, Shenyang/CN), D.-W. Guan (Shenyang/CN), H. Maeda (Osaka/JP)
Molecular autopsy – case studies of sudden unexplained death
O 21 S. Kauferstein, N. Kiehne (Frankfurt a.M./DE), S. Peigneur, J. Tytgat (Leuven/BE) H. Bratzke (Frankfurt a.M./DE)
O 22
Molecular analyses of long QT and Brugada syndromes in SIDS cases by Sequenom MassArray® system
  K. Becker (Cologne/DE), M. Santori, A. Blanco - Verea (Santiago de Compostela/ES), P.M. Schneider (Cologne/DE), A. Carracedo, M. Brion (Santiago de Compostela/ES)
1430-1530 New Techniques in Forensic Sciences I
Room 1.811  
Chairs M. Thali (Zurich/CH), K. Püschel (Hamburg/DE)
O 23
Value of PSA- and AP-tests performed on postmortem swabs from the genital and anal region
  S. Anders, L. Weitzig (Hamburg/DE), O. Ingemann-Hansen (Aarhus/DK), S. Sehner A.-S. Schröder (Hamburg/DE)
O 24
Immunohistochemical detection of human sperm in post-mortem forensic samples utilizing the Sperm HyLiter Kit
  A. Kurz, Ch. Elbert (Frankfurt a.M./DE), U. Schacker, B. Siebertz (Mainz/DE) R. Zehner (Frankfurt a.M./DE)
Post mortem endoscopy – An opportunity for a minimal invasive autopsy?
O 25 U.W. Denzer, T. Karbe, T. Roesch, K. Pueschel (Hamburg/DE)
Virtual endoscopy of chest and abdomen injuries
O 26 B. Vogel, H. Nushida, C. Poodendaen, A. Heinemann (Hamburg/DE)
1530-1600 Coffee Break
1600-1730 Forensic Medicine IV
Festsaal 1  
Chairs H. Kinoshita (Kagawa/JP), R. Dettmeyer (Gießen/DE)
1600 Evaluation of the cardiac damage in cases of fatal traumatic brain injury
O 27 T. Fracasso (Geneva/CH), P. Heidi, S. Cristina, S. Andreas (Münster/DE)
O 28
Forensic aspects of post-mortem histological detection of amniotic fluid embolism
  I. Sinicina, H. Pankratz, E. Matevossian (Munich/DE)
O 29
In Blood We Trust! – five years of bloodstain pattern analysis at Frankfurt-University
  A. Palma, R. Bux (Frankfurt a.M./DE)
1645 Fungi in autopsies – A potential health hazard?
O 30 M.A. Verhoff, P. Schwarz, H. Felske-Zech, C.G. Birngruber (Gießen/DE), F. Ramsthaler (Frankfurt a.M./DE), R. Dettmeyer (Gießen/DE)
1700 Challenging the authority of the autopsy in coronial investigations
O 31 B. Carpenter, G. Tait (Brisbane/AU)
1715 The French eHealth Policy
O 32 N. Ferraud Ciandet (Grenoble/FR)
1600-1730 New Techniques in Forensic Sciences II
Room 1.811  
Chairs K. Yen (Heidelberg/DE), J. Amendt (Frankfurt a.M./DE)
O 33
Cuticular muscle attachment sites as species determination tool in blow fly larvae
  S. Niederegger (Jena/DE), R. Spieß (Bonn/DE)
O 34
Molecular identification of forensically important fly species in Germany using COI barcodes
  P. Böhme, J. Amendt, R. Zehner (Frankfurt a.M./DE)
O 35
Morphological and histological tools for the age estimation of necrophagous blowfly pupae
  B. Zajac, J. Amendt (Frankfurt a.M./DE)
O 36
Automated identification of male cells on samples from victims of sexual assault
  C. Schunck (Altlussheim/DE)
O 37
Thanatopractical processing of decayed corpses and bodies recovered from water in order to improve the quality of fingerprints
  B. Gahr, M. Drewitz (Düsseldorf/DE), R. Vöth (Frankfurt a.M./DE)
S. Ritz-Timme (Düsseldorf/DE)
1715 Estrogens in human remains – A new method for forensic science?
O 38 P. Held, S. Maus, M. Schreckenberger, K.W. Alt (Mainz/DE)