Welcome Note of the Conference President

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I cordially invite you to the 43rd Annual Meeting of the DGPRÄC and the 17th Annual Meeting of the VDÄPC from 13-15 September 2012 in Bremen!

This year’s theme will be “Humanity” (German: Menschlichkeit). Too quickly we forget the small things in life – happiness and joy, friendship, and cordiality to one another. The pursuit of success, achievement and preservation of material prosperity requires almost all our time and energy. Now, more than ever before, an awareness of and conscious focus on human ideals – especially in the health system – is more important than the efficiency measured by economic criteria and qualifications of doctors, the maximum exhaustion of the resource of physicians or the commercially focused competitive ability of medical institutions.

The joint Annual Meeting is our most important convention: with an excellent calling well beyond Germany’s borders. Therefore, it is my wish to include aspects from abroad into the scientific programme, as well as to allure interested colleagues from abroad to attend our meeting. Working closely with the Scientific Committee, national and international elite should be brought together with dedicated young doctors; current networks expanded as well as new ones established; the exchange of experience and knowledge promoted; and new incentives for our daily work learned and gained. Young doctors will also have to chance to present their own ideas and work to established colleagues in our Newcomer Sessions.

Current developments in our field will be accordingly represented in the scientific programme due to their relevance and innovative potential. The scientific programme, which should be of interest to clinically active doctors and physicians in private practice as well as for scientists from neighbouring fields, will be supplemented by practical surgical workshops and live surgeries as well as electronic poster sessions.

For the first time ever, the DGPRÄC Annual Meeting will be held in Bremen. The old Hanseatic city in the northwest of Germany is not just the home of the world famous fairy-tale figures, The Town Musicians of Bremen.  For over 6 centuries, the Ratskeller has been a centre for German wine culture, with the world’s largest assortment of German choice wines! Coming from the same time, the Bremen Roland is a symbol for freedom. You can admire the structural and artistic gem, Bremen City Hall – recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site – as well as the Schnoor: the oldest and most interesting district in the city of Bremen.

I look forward to welcoming you in Bremen as well as to an exciting Annual Meeting!

Yours sincerely,

Professor Dr. med. C. Can Cedidi
Conference President

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