Welcome to Bremen

1,200 years of tradition and cosmopolitanism define Bremen, the Hanseatic city on the river Weser. The old trading town with a historical city centre around the market square exudes the flair of a young metropolis.

Those who keep an eye out will discover long histories and fascinating stories about the city. In Bremen you can find houses lined up like beads on a string, donkeys who say "good day", and cathedrals on careful watch.

Bremen Marktplatz

© BTZ Bremer Touristik-Zentrale (www.bremen-tourismus.de) (BTZ_1614_Marktplatz-Panorama)

Remaining distinctive landmarks include the magnificent town hall from the Weser Renaissance, the Schnoor - Bremen's oldest district, the unusual architecture of quaint Böttcherstrasse, the cathedral and the venerable figure of Roland in the historic market square.

There are numerous churches from various centuries; the Town Musicians of Bremen, preserved as a bronze statue by Gerhard Marcks, can be found on the west side of the city hall.

It flows through the heart of the metropolis, it turned Bremen, as a trade route, into the proud Hanseatic city that it is: the Weser river. The seafaring flair lives on today and is for tourists a special allure.

Innovation from tradition – that’s how Bremen crossed new shores. The Hanseatic city is living history and future designs. History, tradition, high tech, science and astronautics combine to create something new and innovative.

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