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Spinal oncology: Surgical treatment of patients with spinal metastasis improves quality of life

Copenhagen/ Denmark. Patients throughout Europe benefit from innovations in the field of spine medicine which are discussed at EUROSPINE 2015. Taking place from 2-4 September 2015 in Copenhagen, EUROSPINE 2015 is the most important platform for exchanging the latest research results and innovations in the treatment of spinal disorders. Benny Dahl, Professor of Spine Surgery, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Rigshospitalet and University of Copenhagen, provides some insights and informs about new research results concerning the surgical treatment of patients with spinal metastasis:

“With the aging population an increasing number of patients will get a cancer diagnosis. Also, the diagnostic methods have improved and in many cases patients are diagnosed at an early time point. Consequently, an increasing number of patients have the risk of metastasis to the spine. In most cases this can be treated as part of the primary cancer treatment. Some patients, however, get severe symptoms from the spinal metastasis either as severe pain or neurologic symptoms from their legs.

In these patients recent clinical studies have found that a combined treatment consisting of spine surgery with stabilisation of the spine and decompression of the spinal cord followed by radiation therapy improves survival and health related quality of life. As a consequence of the development in surgical technique, methods of anaesthesia and radiation treatment, the risk of complications has dramatically decreased over the last decade. These research results points towards an improved treatment of patients with symptomatic metastasis to the spine.”

Other main topics at EUROSPINE 2015 are spinal disorders and deformities in adolescents, degenerative spinal disorders and non-degenerative spinal disease: trauma, infection, tumour. Another focus relates to the cervical spine. Specific topics deal with the consequences of rehabilitation for spinal surgery, with the area of the spine oncology and new techniques and patient safety as an important aspect of quality assurance.

Further details of the current status of research will be given by experts at the

EUROSPINE press conference on 2 September 2015,

11:30-12.30, in Bella Center A/S, room HB4-1 in Hall B, Center Boulevard 5, Copenhagen.

All information as well as the entire preliminary scientific programme can be found on the EUROSPINE meeting homepage at